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Santa's Holiday Hustle

Welcome to XChange’s first time partnering with Why Racing Events to present the 4th annual Santa Holiday Hustle 5k run/walk!  Whether you are one of the lucky people who found one of the 300 #XChangeRocks Santa’s elves hid all over Southwest Washington or whether you are a long time supporter of XChange, we are glad you’re here!  We need your help!  XChange is a nonprofit that is vital to our community.  For over 20 years XChange has offered long term housing with high accountability.and behavioral health services to men and women overcoming addiction.  This year our Santa’s are running/walking with a message of HOPE for those caught in the grips of Fentanyl addiction.  All the proceeds will  support Fentanyl Awareness, XChange’s housing program, and program sustainability.  Please join us by helping our Santa’s reach their pledge goals.  Remember your donation helps others XChange their old life for a new life!  That’s an AMAZING thing and that’s why #XChangeRocks.

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Please share our QR code/hashtag/website to help all our Santa Runner/Walkers meet their goals!

Meet the Runners: 

Beth Learn


Beth Learn coordinates the Children's Ministry for Saturday night services at Living Hope XChange Church.  She holds a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sport Science and multiple fitness certifications including yoga, kickboxing, step aerobics, spin cycling, Tai Chi, pre/postnatal fitness, and more. Beth is the founder of and has a podcast called Fit2B Radio. Support Beth on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.

 Bill Smith

Pastor Bill (PB) Smith, is the Lead Pastor for Saturday night at Living Hope XChange Church.  He and his wife, Vicky have been recovery pastors in Clark County for 20 years, working with those who struggle with houselessness, addiction and mental health challenges.  Their hearts are to help those find their way out of the depths of addiction and the awful life that entails.  Support Pastor Bill on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Brian Norris


Brian is the Outreach Pastor at Living Hope XChange Church. He is also the Executive Director of Live Love Outreach which is a 501c3 non-profit that serves our homeless population. Brian is in long term sobriety and will be celebrating 11 continuous years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol.  He loves sharing the hope, and love that he has found in Jesus Christ and has a huge heart for the recovery community.  Support Brian on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.

Doug Frazier

Doug is the Lead Pastor of Living Hope XChange Church. He enjoys teaching God’s Word and seeing the truth of God’s Word change himself and others. He states that his “greatest gifts in this life are his wife, four children, family, friends, and my church family at Living Hope Church.”  Doug enjoys running and it has become a daily routine for him. HIs passion is to empower leaders to find ways to reach people who don’t know Jesus.  Support Doug on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Cam Oliver


Cam is the Youth Pastor at Living Hope XChange Church.  She is passionate about sharing the freedom and love of Jesus to Middle and High school students.  Whether that’s serving students through games, messages, or conversations, her desire is to see students grow closer in their relationship with the Lord. She is not a competitive runner, but is excited to be running for a great cause like this!   Support Cam on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.

Jacqueline Alley

Jacqueline is a Coordinator for XChange Homeless Outreach and is also in long term recovery from opiates and other drugs. She lived on the streets for many years fighting everyday for her life.  She hated everyone including herself and tried ending her life seven times. Jacqueline got clean 10/31/18.  She is happily married, parenting 2 of her children in her own home. Today she has become a strong advocate and helps others fight for their lives and connects them to available resources. Support Jacqueline on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Julie Norris


Julie is a self-employed domestic worker helping clients in their homes.  In 2004, she graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, with a minor in Psychology.  Julie has a heart for serving and fellowship at her home church and states that, “We are a family on a mission to love others and reach the lost. It's an honor to serve God alongside fellow believers in our church and in our community.”  She volunteers on the worship team and is involved in one of our women's bible studies. Support Julie on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.  

Ken Haas

Ken Haas is a professional truck driver and commercial driver trainer. Over the course of his 35 year career, he has driven over 2 million miles! That’s 80 times around the earth! After high school, Ken joined the military, and during his time he discovered the beauty of the Pacific NW and knew it would be a great place to call home. Over the span of 23 years he was active duty and reserves, ultimately retiring as a Navy Chief.   Support Ken on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Niles Haas


Niles works as a merchandiser and manages the Heart Change house in XChange’s sober living housing program.  He finds fulfillment in helping others who struggle with addiction and mental health because he has battled crippling depression, homelessness, and near fatal fentanyl addiction.  After completing his treatment in Port Angeles, he entered XChange’s Recovery Program where he turned his life around and has become a mentor to others. Niles enjoys the outdoors, music, writing and drawing. Niles is dedicated to helping and showing others there is hope.  Support Niles on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.

Jake Farmer

Jake is the owner of Thurston Oaks Dental and has a passion for dentistry as well as people. As a young man, he was self conscious and struggled with his own teeth. Mentorship and modern dentistry gave him the drive to give the gift of a beautiful smile to all his patients. He understands the little things make the difference. Dr. Farmer is an avid skier and hiker.  Support Jake on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Jason Matters


Jason Matters serves as the Lead Pastor at the Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene, having moved to the PNW after living in Kansas City for 20 years. He loves to invest in young men, training them to love God and to use their gifts and talents to serve others. When he is not at church you will find him hiking a trail or a mountain, or sitting by a fire reading a good book. An avid coffee lover and below-average home roaster, you will usually see him holding a cup of coffee.  Support Jason on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.

JC Cinollo

JC gave up custody of her 6 yr. old son in 2015 and he was adopted thru CPS due to her active addiction that she could not control.  She wanted to die because she chose addiction over being a mom to her son.  JC came into the  XChange housing program in 2020 and spent 14 months healing and learning how to live. She gave her whole life to God and after graduating from XChange, she now leads the program, Parents for Parents. Through this she journeys alongside parents who are working with CPS and pursuing the goal of reunification of families.  Support JC on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Rachel Sterling


Rachel is currently a house manager at The Grace Lodge.  She is also an Homeless Outreach worker for XChange Recovery.  Her life started with childhood trauma.  She was left abandoned, broken, and alone. As an adult, Rachel lost custody of her kids and that drove her deeper into her addiction.  Her life changed November 24, 2021 when she came to The Grace Lodge.  Today she is rebuilding relationships with her kids.  She also gets to inspire hope working with others in the community by walking alongside them in life.  Support Rachel on this Santa Holiday Hustle run.

Christy Messing

Christy has had a passion for recovery since she left the drug addiction lifestyle on December 6, 2015. She spent 11 years on and off the streets battling an intravenous meth addiction. Christy lost everything, but through her faith in God, she has been in recovery for almost 8 years!!  She has worked hard to restore all relationships with her children and family.  Christy manages The Barbers in Vancouver. She enjoys volunteering at her local church, feeding the homeless and giving haircuts.  Support Christy on the Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Carolyn Nichols


Carolyn has been a huge support in the lives of others for over 20 years!. Carolyn has taught quilting for free to 110 students over the course of 20 years. She is a dedicated hiker, bicycle rider and photographer. Don’t be surprised if you see Carolyn in your neighborhood or on a trail!  Carolyn pours into others as she serves in Youth and Children’s ministry at her church.  Support Carolyn on this Santa Holiday Hustle run. 

Emiliano Jaramillo

Emiliano is a Youth Director for Living Hope XChange Church.  He has been running for the last 6 years and it is one of his biggest passions.  Emiliano has run many distances, with some as high as 15 mile runs!  He is energetic and has a passion for the youth.  He is asking that you help support fentanyl awareness by sponsoring him.  His goal is to be “the future winner of Santa Holiday Hustle 5K!!”  Support Emiliano on the Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Ian McIntosh


Ian wears many hats - father of three amazing young men, husband of an amazing wife, construction contractor, director of HeartChange ministry, and Discipleship Pastor at Living Hope XChange Church.  He also has a long history of running, including a homemade Full Ironman competition, a 50 mile ultra marathon and countless other marathons.  Ian and his wife, Mac, believe so strongly in XChange Recovery Ministry that his former home is a recovery house now!  Support Ian on the Santa Holiday Hustle run.

Lauren drives a forklift and unloads trailers for a living. She was originally born in Michigan, but has been in Washington since she was 6 years old.  She believes the only way to success is hard work.  Lauren stopped drinking alcohol 2 years and 6 months ago. She proudly represents sobriety and is currently helping her sister to also achieve the same for herself. Lauren is really into essential oils and making my own blends for topical medicinal purposes. She loves to run!  Support Lauren on the Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Malory Pearch


Malory is a passionate, hardworking, dedicated mother and a servant to Christ.  Mallory volunteers and works with outreach programs such as Live Love, Angels of God and many more.  Malory lost her parents and one of her brothers because of addiction.  She is the only one out of eight children who did not fall into addiction.  Malory volunteers in the outreach programs to remind people of their worth and that they are loved.  Support Malory on the Santa Holiday Hustle run.

Eva Vega

Eva grew up in California and moved to Washington about 4 years ago. She was the first in her family to graduate high school and college. Eva’s youngest brother, Eliazar or “Chuy” was one of her biggest supporters and she states that, “he believed in me, more than I believed in myself.” Chuy made the unfortunate decision that ended his life, he took 1/2 a pill of oxycodone that was laced with fentanyl. Eva is running to bring awareness that fentanyl can change you or your loved one’s life forever.  Support Eva on the Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Andrew Frazier


Andrew currently lives in Seattle Washington and is working at Microsoft as a Software Engineer.  He has traveled with his parents and lived in a few countries outside of the US as his family has been involved in church ministry and All God’s Children International.  Andrew enjoys rock climbing, running, and praising Jesus!  Support Andrew on the Santa Holiday Hustle run.

Lillie Haas

Lillie Haas is a Christ follower from Southwest Washington and is participating in the Santa Hustle Race for fentanyl awareness. She has witnessed some of the devastating effects that fentanyl brings to family members and the community.  She has two cousins who lost their lives to the drug and a brother in recovery from it. Her goal in running this race is to aid in support, bring awareness to the public, and open doors for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing to those who suffer from this widespread epidemic.  Support Lilllie on the Santa Holiday Hustle run.


Jacob Phillips


Jacob is a recovering addict and current Pastor! With a little over five years clean and sober and off the streets, Jacob went from living under a bridge as a homeless addict, to using his testimony to help others find and achieve in recovery! Jesus has transformed his life, made his mess a message, and allowed him to shine the light and love of Jesus to others. 

Tiffany Blouin

Tiffany is a Senior House Representative for XChange housing. She spent 8 years struggling with addiction, and now uses her story to help other women and struggling mothers overcome their traumas and struggles. She enjoys walking, reading and living with purpose as she draws closer to God. Tiffany is now a model mother and an example to other women in the program, and has rebuilt a strong loving relationship with her children! 


Skylar Turner


Skyler moved to Vancouver over 2 years ago. Since then, he's established himself at The Barbers, and has become quite successful! His 14 years as a stylist have proven is passion for the industry and people. Throughout his life, Skyler has had friends and loved ones lost because of addiction. He is certain that drinking and using is a symptom of a deeper underlying issue and helps to advocate for others when he can. Therefore, he has compassion for those who are still struggling and a strong desire to help.

Jose Diaz

Jose grew up in Clark County Washington with his six brothers and his parents. He had a troubled childhood and was in and out of jail throughout his teenage years. He enrolled in A.A. in his early 20's and discovered the reasons why  he was drinking and why he should not be drinking. Jose found a deep passion for helping Addicts and Alcoholics. Today he has his own business, 3 beautiful daughters, and goals and dreams of success.  Jose does his best to motivate others In recovery to find a new better way of life, and challenges them to become addicted to pursuing their goals and dreams instead of alcohol and drugs! He loves being active and enjoys every day of his new life.  Jose gives thanks to God and AA for helping him out of a life of suffering and into a life of adventure and love.


Trista Dunford


Trista is Center Director for Sonshine Christian Early Learning Center. She is a passionate advocate for young children and has worked in many different settings including a local women's recovery program supporting mothers and young children. Her career in Early Childhood and especially her time with mothers working in recovery showed her how vulnerable young families can be to the pressures of the outside world. She is a casual runner who has completed 4 marathons and a dozen half marathons, but motherhood took her out of the running game. She is excited that her first post babies running event will be such an impactful one for the community and the families she serves.

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