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Going Where There Is Need

The XChange hospital team is made up of two or more certified peer counselors on call to meet and assist with any patient admitted in to the hospital suffering from addiction who wishes to engage in services.

After receiving a call a certified peer counselor, who has lived experience with addiction, alcoholism and hospitalizations, would show up and engage with the peer.

Having overcome the struggles of addiction themselves, these certified peer counselors will model recovery. By meeting peers where they are and walk side-by-side with them, they help overcome obstacles in each individual's way, while providing the recipe for success in recovery.

Peer Coaches help those new to recovery:

  • Express and achieve their goals for recovery

  • Monitor their own progress

  • Learn effective coping and self-help strategies

  • Find effective services and support

  • Get the most from a Person Centered Planning process

  • Develop Wellness Plans

  • Develop Advance Directives

  • Get support during a crises

  • Become more independent and productive

  • Participate in the community

Peer supporters offer emotional support, share knowledge, model hope and resilience, connect the peer with resources and communities of support.

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