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Drive Out Addiction Programs
Over 20 Years of Depth & Breadth

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The first 30 days are a crucial, intensive internal journey, laying a foundation for the life ahead. Led by peers and professionals.

Once a treatment foundation has been established, it's time to integrate into community, work, family and dreams in a whole new way, with the support of a caring community. The length of this process is dependent upon the individual.

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Home-like environments in community settings. Separate homes for men and women. Space is limited, acceptance based upon a successful application, and signing a Covenant of Conduct is required.

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Expert therapeutic peer and professional medical support.

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street outreach

street medicine

Nurses and peers hit the streets to work directly with the many homeless camps in our area, providing health assessments, warm clothing and a welcoming hand to enter treatment and recovery. 

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Hospital outreach

Peers who have been in similar circumstances in the past visit the hospital wards, reaching out to offer fellowship, treatment and recovery. 

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Behavioral Health

Peers who have been in similar circumstances in the past visit the streets, reaching out to offer hope through role-modeling, resources, treatment and recovery. 


Endorsed by the University of Washington, it provides peer mentoring for families in the dependency court system.

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supportive employment

Through the Clean XChange business, select clients grow professional skills and earn their living while in recovery. Services include car towing, residential and commercial cleaning, repairs and construction.   

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XChange spiritual

XChange supports spiritual growth for Clark County with 12-Step groups, worship services and individual outreach. Community members are welcome to meet with us, to connect with each other and Jesus Christ Whom we hold as a key to recovery.


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