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Our Proven Approach

Supportive housing is an evidence-based housing intervention that combines affordable housing assistance with wrap-around supportive services for people in recovery. Through the XChange, those seeking recovery receive the love and help they need to turn their lives around. 

Clients Receive:

  • Peer coaching and mentoring support

  • "Faces of Hope" outreach to the community and the addict who still suffers

  • "Parents 4 Parents" assistance to families involved with CPS and the court system

  • Supported Living Homes house up to 59 men, women and children today with more homes on the horizon. 

  • XChange Recovery Service every Saturday night, 6 pm at XChange Recovery Center  - 21810 NE 37th Ave, Ridgefield, WA 98642 -- Join us! ​

Our heart beats to drive out drug addiction in our community!


Application & Admittance Process

  1. Application: The process begins with the application process, a potential new resident would need to completely fill out the application, and look over and sign the 'Code of Conduct', the rules for living in housing to ensure they are ready and willing to abide by the rules.

  2. Interview: From there potential applicants would be contacted and an interview would be set up. The interview consists of two or more staff from the XChange asking questions to get to know someone and laying out the foundation of the program. If they are accepted after the interview process.​

Once Accepted

3. Home Assignment: A house is chosen for them, and they can start the move to that house , dependent on a clean UA. For individuals who cannot pass a UA yet, the individual may be assisted in getting a bed at a Detox location and will be picked up upon their medical release from detox and brought to their house. On campus residence is not required unless it's determined a condition of admittance. Both Inpatient (living in the Recovery Homes) and Outpatient clients are accepted in our program. 

4. Paperwork: Upon coming into a house, individuals are to fill out emergency contact information as well as an intake photo and date being uploaded to the XChange staff page as well as a picture of their clean UA. 

5. Core Team Assigned: As well as has a “Core Team” set up. A Core Team is a group messenger that consists of two live in staff, their peer coach, and program supervisors. All trips outside of the house must be phrased as a question on the Core Team, and no individual may go about leaving the house till approval is given on the Core Team. 

6. Peer Coach Assigned: Every new resident is assigned a peer coach, to assist the individual with goal setting and life mapping as well as an advocate to the program that they are meeting the requirements.​

Treatment Phases

Initial (90 Days)

Intensive (Blackout): Every morning (Monday thru Friday) their is soaking it consists of starting the day with worship music and reading devotional with housemates. Each new resident is on blackout for a minimum of 30 days (blackout consists of no night outs, and no leaving the house without an approved chaperone however exceptions for going straight to work and back may be made) pending them meeting all black out requirements individuals can be put in to phase up off of black out after 30 days. Requirements include getting a mental health and SUD assessment and following all recommendations, attend a meeting with outside counselor DortheA, attending at least 2 twelve step meetings a week, obtaining a sponsor, completing step one and getting 10 of the same sex’s numbers of people in recovery with time. Also attending mandatory church service on Saturday nights. As well as completing weekly 20 hours of in Ministry community service. Also doing online checkins every Sunday as well as a week at a glance (a schedule of the residents upcoming week) 


Once the blackout phase is completed individuals are now allowed to chaperone other new residents when leaving the house, and can leave the house (with coreteam approval) by themselves. They will still be expected to meet with their Peer Coaches once a week to continue goal setting and life mapping. Resident must continue working with a sponsor and get thru step 6 , continued check ins and week at a glances, attendance of Bible Study classes , a meeting with a counselor, XChange church services. Residents in phase one must attend and complete spiritual 12 steps, They must still be attending two 12 step meetings a week, if they don’t already have a HS diploma or GED they must begin the process to get such things. Residents that are parents in phase one must attend parenting classes, still be completing community service for the ministry be current on all program fees and fines, and Adhering to all other Rules and expectations to be considered for Phase up into Phase 2. Phase 1 has a 90 day minimum, as well as all those goals must be met. Upon meeting all requirements for Phase one a residents Peer Coach will put in for potential phase up. 


Recovery is considered a life-long journey. One of the unique aspects of XChange is the initial phase of recovery is with community involvement and supervision for a mutually determined time. You can find more about Recovery here.


We do not currently accept insurance, however their are several ways individuals pay their program fees: 

  1. Working is permitted right away and recommended for able-bodied individuals.

  2. Social Security or Social Security Disability should cover most expenses. 

  3. Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Refinance Program (formerly Home Affordable Refinance Program ('HARP')) and Housing and Essential Needs ('HEN') programs

  4. 'Access to Recovery' is an XChange program that can pay for a residents program fees for two months to give them an opportunity to find work. Applications and approval required. 

  5. Calling and asking for assistance from local churches. 

  6. XChange Cleaning employment: Housing residents do not have to work in these businesses, but Bootstrap Businesses provide an opportunity to earn money, surrounded with recovery support. Applicants are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

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