Dr. David SimonsenPHD

David has been in practice for 15 years helping families, teens and couples find ways to do life differently. He works with families all along the I-5 corridor from Olympia to Vancouver Washington using a method called Functional Family Therapy which is an evidenced based practice and a short term intervention to help families function better. David has a no nonsense and humorous approach that works well to bring about change. David loves to work in the media and has a radio show, a podcast and has been a part of several television productions in the area of family therapy. David is a licensed Marriage & Family therapist who has earned a Bachelor’s degree in International relations from George Fox University, attended Multnomah Bible College, and earned a Master’s Degree at Seattle Pacific University in Marriage and family therapy as well as a Ph.D. in Psychology from Capella University. He is the father of 7 children and has been married for over 20 years. 

Christina Gjesvold M.S.W.  CDP

Christina Gjesvold has a Masters degree in social work from Eastern Washington University and is a Washington State certified Chemical dependency professional. Christina is a Licensed clinical social worker associate and a childrens mental health specialist. Christina has worked as an addictions counselor since 2011 with both adults and adolescents. Christina believes in using evidence based practices to assist in the empowerment of individuals to overcome the obstacles in their lives, improving their self-efficacy and relationships. Her  focus and passion is to assist people to gain an  awareness of their own emotional and behavioral patterns  leading them to a sense of freedom.

Christina is currently employed as a Chemical dependency professional in a treatment center for youth with co-occurring disorders. She has been working with the Xchange since 2015 and works as a consultant and counselor with our womens program.

Dan BatesM.S.

Dan Bates is a therapist who has worked with families and individuals strugglingwith a host of relational, mental health and spiritual issues. He also has 6 years ministry experience ranging from leading Junior and High school youth groups, college ministry, leading small groups, disciplining, doing pastoral counseling and  a camping ministry. Having his feet in both camps (ministry and counseling) has given him a great appreciation for how the spiritual intersects with the practical. He has earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and two master degrees from Western Seminary (Masters of Arts in Counseling and Masters of Ministry and Leadership- Chaplaincy Specialization).In his spare time, he does a podcast with another Christian therapist. They discuss the intersection of faith and psychology, along with pop culture. Dan also has a self-published a book of poetry, aphorisms and short stories. He is working on a self-help manuscript on the thinking errors parents make as they raise their children and is an aspiring artist.

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Janet Bentley Jones M.A. CDP CADC II NCACII

Janet has been working in the addiction field since 1989. She has a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Oregon University in Sociology and health studies and a Masters in addiction studies from the University of South Dakota. Janet has worked in both adult and adolescent treatment in Oregon and Washington. She spent 11 years working in the prison system and  the Juvenile Justice system, and currently works as a Care manager for a large Behavioral Health Organization. Janet has experience with multiple populations at all levels of care. She has special interest in relapse prevention using cognitive behavioral therapy methods and in finding solutions to the ever growing opioid crisis in our country.Janet has been working in recovery ministry since 2001 and believes strongly in melding both spiritual and secular treatment philosophies to better serve those with substance use disorders. Janet is an artist and loves to use art as a way to help people express themselves, reduce stress and have fun.

Bill and Vicky Smith Executive Director & Program Director

Pastors Bill and Vicky Smith have a passion for people struggling with the insanity of addiction and helping them to restore their lives. Since 2003 Bill and Vicky  have been light and love for these broken lives.They are able to see beyond the darkness of the addiction to the unrealized potential they possess. They see the beauty and ability in each person crippled by this disease,offering themselves as teachers, guides and family to those that are lost .They offer a bridge of hope to those that most have turned their backs on.Bill and Vicky were called to this work and have immersed themselves in the lives of the broken, to help them become the amazing people that God intended them to be. In this work, they are able to watch people transform from broken to mended.The true gift is when they are able to see those that were so wounded able to give back and help others on their own journey to healing.

David Taub  BSW

David has been with the ministry since 2006 working as a case manager, parenting class facilitator and clinical supervisor for our parent to parent program. He has a Bachelors degree in Human development with minors in psychology and addiction studies. He is well on his way to a Masters degree in social work and an additional Bachelors in theology.
David has worked as a peer mentor in the child welfare system and as a parent educator for a  local social service agency. He is currently employed as a  social worker for the Washington state office of public defense and as a intern therapist at a local counseling center. David has special interest in family reunification and  trauma focused care. 

In addition to  his professional resume, David is himself a "Face of Hope", in long term recovery. He is an example of a life changed. David is a single father championing this life both professionally and personally.