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Dede Sieler Clark County Program Manager, Alcohol & Drug Prevention/Treatment Services

"Clark County, has a strong, vibrant recovery community eager to work with those ready to achieve life-long sobriety. Non-profit agencies, law enforcement, and the faith-based community have leveraged their strengths and resources over the last several years, creating a strong foundation. People in recovery are phenomenally generous. They are willing to share their experience, strength and hope, and willing to give back to their community in ways that create a blessings on a daily basis.

Grace Ministries & The Xchange are an integral part of our recovery community. Their relationships with law enforcement, juvenile justice, superior court, and treatment centers make a difference! They provide individuals and families with support, accountability, housing and services for individuals who suffer from addiction and want to achieve life-long sobriety and success."

Ric Bishop Chief Jail Administrator Clark County Sheriff's  Office​​​​​​​​​

Xchange is a strong partner in the Sheriff's Office Reentry program providing, housing, mentoring, and counseling. They have been a community partner with the Clark County Jail since 2006, and involved with the re-entry program since its inception.

Grace Ministries has been constant in their willingness to help.  They are consistently looking for ways to assist with reentry and are always eager to have inmates programmed into their services.  
I am solid supporter of Grace Ministries & The Xchange in their commitment to community livability and service in Clark County.
Their efforts are appreciated and I  look forward to an expanded partnership with them as they continue their efforts and multiply their services for inmates reentering our community.

What do our community partners say about us?

Jared Sanford CEO Lifeline Connections​​​

When individuals find themselves in the depths of addiction, they eventually lose many of the things in life we take for granted: housing, employment, family, friends and last, but not least, a spiritual connection to God.

The Xchange Recovery Service at Faith Center Church provides a spiritual sanctuary to those that are and have struggled with drug and/or alcohol dependence. The Xchange is there to help those that have lost or never had a relationship with God find that connection. For many healing spiritually is one of the most important steps someone can take on the road to recovery from drug and/or alcohol abuse. 

Lifeline Connections knows all too well the impact addiction has on our community, having been providing substance abuse treatment services since 1962. We at Lifeline value the partnership we have with Grace Ministries and the Xchange Church, because we know that the support that they provide our clients before, during and after they have completed treatment is crucial for many individuals in our community in maintaining and sustaining long term recovery.