"From the ashes of a life of addiction it's through the Xchange that a new kind of soldier is born.After 30 plus years of destroying everything, this ministry has taught me how to be a man. Instead of tearing people down, I get to help raise people up.Today I am a friend and a leader. I am a mentor and sponsor to others.I get to return the hope to the broken that was selflessly offered to me."


" Beginning my drug use at 12 years old, going to 11 different treatment centers and still only being able to put  a few days of sobriety together, I was lost. On November 27th 2016, I had enough suffering and felt like the world would be better off without me. I was contemplating suicide when a friend invited me to the Xchange recovery service. At the end of the service, I was asked if I was done. I knew that one way or another, I was done. I entered detox the next day and moved into the Xchange supported housing. Since that day, my life has completely changed and I found the peace I was so desperately seeking. I have found a reason for all my suffering and mental anguish and a purpose for my life. Thankyou Xchange recovery."

"Xchange Recovery changed my life!!"

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"I would say that the Xchange program saved my life, from coming from nothing- fresh out of treatment with no where to go, no family to pay my way- all I had was a mustard seed of faith and God lead me to a ministry where I was accepted into a faith based living environment that gave me a foundation and a way to find myself again and learn how to live again... if you're looking for a way out of the misery of addiction and you want to see what blessings God has in store for you, see what the Xchange program could do to save your life as well..."


Before entering into Xchange Housing program  life was a whirlwind of treatment, jail, and addiction. Toward the end of my addiction, I remember texting Vicky Smith about my desperate need for help, she asked me if I was able to have my son stay somewhere for about 7 months while I went to work on myself, this suggestion seemed impossible ; I had too much to let go of, my son, my life, my apartment, my job but what I didn't know yet was in the letting go is where I would find myself and the blessings to come would be more than I could ever have imagined.
The programs offered through Xchange Recovery helped me to gain confidence in myself and my ability to work a recovery program and not live in fear of relapse. They taught me to lean on the Lord and trust in his plan, even when nothing made sense, my faith grew as I watched God become so big and me become less. Miracles were happening for me in relationships, finances, legal issues, jobs, and I could feel life regaining momentum.
 I graduated the housing program ,while I was in drug court, DOC, outpatient, and mental health counseling; each of these had their own requirements. The recovery program I have worked has taught me to slow down, stay connected with my sponsor and support people, stay in the solution, wake up early to connect with God first, and to give back.
 The gratitude in my heart runs deep for the hope of a future I have now, Xchange Recovery is a tremendous part of the seed of hope planted in my heart. Type your paragraph here.