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 XChange Recovery has been working diligently in the fight to walk alongside people fighting addiction in Washington State. We work to help people overcome their addiction, rebuild their lives and restore their families. Once they establish their own recovery, they are able to walk alongside others and give back to their community. Showing others that "we do recover" is an important component of our mission. People regain their own lives and then make a difference in others lives as they lift up the banner of recovery.

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​Since 2003.......​

 Each year in Clark County nearly 5,000 teens and adults receive state-funded alcohol or drug treatment services. Thousands of others will receive privately funded treatment, while exponentially more will hide in the suffering and shame of their addiction. In spite of these resources, estimates indicate that nearly 350 people will die this year in our community from drug and alcohol-related causes.Everything we do is an effort to change these statistics.

Through the Xchange , those seeking recovery receive  the love and help they need to turn their lives around. They receive......

*   Peer coaching and mentoring support

*  " Faces of Hope" outreach to the community and the addict who still suffers

*  " Parents of Hope" assistance to families involved with CPS and the court system

*    Supported Living Homes house up to 63 men,  women and  children today with more homes on the horizon. 

*    Xchange Recovery Service every Saturday night at 6pm at Faith Center Church located: 10702 NE 117th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98662 -- Join us! 

Our heart beats to drive out drug addiction in our community!