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Addiction is no respector of persons! Each year in Clark County nearly 5,000 teens and adults receive state-funded alcohol or drug treatment services. Thousands of others will receive privately funded treatment, while exponentially more will hide in the suffering and shame of their addiction. In spite of these resources, estimates indicate that nearly 350 people will die this year in our community from drug and alcohol-related causes.

Through Grace Ministries’ Xchange Recovery Center, those seeking recovery receive peer coaching and mentoring support, participate in Support Groups (Anonymous Meetings) and learn valuable life and job skills to sustain long-term recovery and gain overall wellness. Our Supported Living Homes (Grace Lodge for women, the NEW Faith Manor for women & children; the 180 House, The Refuge and the NEW Gabriel House for men) house up to 44 men & women and 7 children, blend a faith-based approach to recovery with the best practices in recovery support.

Our approach is grounded in the active meaning of GRACE: to exercise love, kindness and mercy toward ourselves and others. Through our retail operations (the Xchange ReStore and Xchange Auto Sales & Detailing and Auto Repair) we provide opportunity for members in the community to both donate and purchase gently used items and vehicles. We also use these venues as an opportunity to provide mentoring and job skills training to program participants.

Faith Center’s Xchange Recovery Service is our weekly worship event. Since our merge last February with Faith Center Church in Brush Prairie, nearly 300 people (primarily those in recovery and their families) gather on Saturday nights to worship, pray, learn and commit to sober living through a strong commitment to their faith. All of these programs, events and ministries are designed for one purpose: to help men, women and youth recover from drug and alcohol addiction. People are our focus. We refer to the hundreds who have successfully conquered their addiction and are now serving others in recovery as our “Faces of Hope.”

Grace Ministries and the XChange has diligently led the fight to help men and women in Clark County overcome drug and alcohol addiction, rebuild their lives and restore their families. Those whose lives have been changed through Grace Ministries reflect the diversity of substance abuse victims: teachers, retail clerks, lawyers, government officials, stay-at-home moms, teenagers, grandparents, rich and poor.

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